Technical Specs

Tuxco ModelTorque CapacitySingle / Double Acting TorquerMax Capacity Cylinder LengthMax Capacity Cylinder DiameterMax. Req. Floor SpacePower RequiredHorse PowerNut Runner TorqueNut Runner Speed WrenchBuilt-In SpannerAccess RequiredTorquer Stroke SpeedRod Extraction Installation SpeedPendent ControlExtraction Force
lb. ft. (kg-m)(m)(mm)(kN)
24 ft.
20/30 in.
32′ x 5′ with 11′ of air space on one endALL VOLTAGE
50/60Hz 3 Ph
7.5 HP5,000 lb.ft.8 RPMYESFRONT6/10″ STROKE
10/14 Sec./Ft.
4.0 Sec./Ft.
YES14,700 lbs.

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