Technical Specs

HEMS Model Torque Capacity Single or Double Acting Cylinder Maximum size of cylinder to be repaired Max. Cylinder Weight Max. Floor Space Motor Power Nut Runner Torque Nut Runner Spanner Wrench Speed Built-In Spanner Access Required Torquer Stroke Speed Rod Extension Speed Maximum Rod Extension Force Hydraulic System Pressure Hydraulic Nutbuster Capacity Hydraulic Fluid Reservoir Electrical System
PCRB-4000 49,759Nm @ 350 bar Double 2000mm (extended) with Ø150mm diameter or 3000mm (extended) with Ø200mm diameter 1000kg 2.8 square meters 3HP 250Nm 14-100 RPM Yes Front and Rear 200mm/sec 350mm/sec 226kN 350bar 49,759Nm @ 350 bar 40L All voltages, 50/60Hz


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Product Reviews

April 12, 2022

This bench is strong material to make quick and major cylinders repairs.

Easy to install and to disassemble, it can help you anywhere.

Ideal if you need a versatile cylinder hydraulic repair bench or an additional hydraulic repair bench.

SARL Manufacture Qualitative