Big engine stand

Engine Repair Stands

HEMS supply specialised engine rotating stand packages including all necessary adaptor plates, for all engine and transmission makes and models that are currently available on the market.

A significant feature of using a HEMS engine repair stand or transmission repair stand is in the increased ability of manoeuvrability. This saves considerable time when it comes to repair – up to 50% in labour hours – by eliminating non-productive handling procedures, this also reduces workplace injury.

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HEMS Engine Repair Stands reduce cost and spare labour hours

With a noted reduction in labour hours and costs, using HEMS engine and transmission stands equates to increased profitability.

Complying with all current working practices and safety regulations, HEMS engine stands and transmission stands cover capacities from 759kgs up to 20,000kgs and are suitable for new build, repair and refurbishment operations

HEMS Engine Repair Features

  • Increased manoeuvrability
  • Cuts down repair time
  • Reduces risk of workplace injury
  • Time saving on labour increases profitability
  • Complies with all current working practices
  • Complies with all safety regs
  • From 759kgs up to 20,000kgs
  • Suitable for new build, repair and refurbishment operations
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