Undercarriage Repair

Maximise use of Undercarriage with HEMS latest specialised tooling

Undercarriage of machines wear out over time due to the demands on the track link, rollers and idler in the often, harsh and challenging environment.

To increase the lifespan and resilience of damaged undercarriage parts such as track links, rollers and idlers etc. these can be easily re-positioned by using special welding methods with HEMS highly efficient undercarriage repair tools. Parts can be re-built with the appropriate re-building equipment that HEMS offers.

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Do you have many worn Tracks laying in the corner of your workshop?
Did you know you could get 50% more life of your worn Tracks?

Track Press is one of the main machines of the undercarriage repair workshop. HEMS offers different models of Track Presses for disassembling and assembling the track links of small, medium and large size bulldozers and excavators. Our presses are efficient and easy to operate which decreases the time required to turn the pins and bushes or to completely replace the track link parts.

Our tracks press models are offered in various sizes from 200ton up to 400ton capacity and depending on the make/model of machines you work. Whether you are in larger construction or Mining Field, we have the right solution and the suitable repair package for your requirement.

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  • HEM-UC/200T
    Capacity (each ram) : 1961kN/200T
    Ram Speeds Rapid Forward : 1560mm/min
    Press : 228mm/min
    Returns : 2820mm/min
    Connected Load : 11 kW/15
    HP Weight : 5,100kg (approx.)
  • HEM-UC 250T
    Capacity (each ram) : 2451kN/250T
    Ram Speeds Rapid Forward : 2100 mm/min.
    Press : 276mm/min
    Returns : 3780mm/min
    Connected Load : 15 kW/20
    HP Weight : 5,300kg (approx.)
  • HEM-UC 300T
    Capacity (each ram) : 2942 KN/300T
    Ram Speeds Rapid Forward : 2100 mm/min
    Press : 330 mm/min
    Returns : 4140 mm/min
    Connected Load : 18.75 kW/25 HP
    HP Weight : 6500 kg
  • HEM-UC 350 T
    Capacity (each ram) : 3432 KN/350T
    Ram Speeds Rapid Forward : 1890mm/min
    Press : 270 mm/min
    Returns : 4004 mm/min
    Connected Load : 22.5 kW/30HP
    HP Weight : 7,200 kg
  • HEM-UC 400T
    Capacity (each ram) : 3,922 kN/400T
    Ram Speeds Rapid Forward : 2,160 mm/min
    Press : 360 mm/min
    Returns : 3690 mm/min
    Connected Load : 30KW/40HP
    HP Weight : 8.100 kg


HEMS Hydraulic Torque Wrench series are designed for the removal and tightening of shoe bolts of most of the small, medium and large sizes of Track Chains. The wrench has two speeds, one for low speed and high torque for the initial removal or final tightening of the bolts and high speed and low torque for quick removal of the bolt or initial screwing of the bolt during tightening.

HEMS also supply both options, manual and electrically driven conveyors. Please check at the time of order which options suits your requirement.

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  • HEM-UC/T700
    Torque : 7000 Nm
    Wrench RPM : 8-150
    Power : 5.6 kW
    Max. Chain Height with Shoes : 350 mm
    Machine Weight : 850 kg
    Machine Dimensions:
    Length : 3100 mm (with Roller Conveyor)
    Height : 1590 mm (above Roller Conveyor)
    Width : 1060mm
  • HEM-UC/T900
    Torque : 9000 Nm
    Wrench RPM : 05-125
    Power : 7.5 kW
    Max. Chain Height with Shoes : 375 mm
    Machine Weight : 1250 kg
    Machine Dimensions:
    Length : 3100 mm (with Roller Conveyor)
    Height : 1760 mm (above Roller Conveyor)
    Width : 1240 mm


HEMS SLT-40/LS Seal Lubricator & Tester is a trolley mounted portable unit used for lubricating/servicing track chains, rollers and idlers. It is provided with an oil dispenser and provision for vacuum test with gauges and indicators.

Only compressed air supply is required to operate the machine.

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Type : Lubricating and Testing
Lubricant Reservoir Capacit : 40 litre
Air Supply Requiered Capacity : 0.10 m3 at 4 bar
Machine Weight : 51 kg (dry)


The HE-RIR 988 is an extra wide Roller & Idler Rebuilding Machine which can accommodate idlers up to 900mm diameter. If required the machine can also be equipped with two power sources along with two independent welding heads with independent wire feed units, hopers, etc.

The machine can also be supplied with Flux Recovery Unit if required.

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Click here to see the Roller & Idler Rebuilder video.

HE-RIR 988
Type : Double Ram Track Press
Max Roller Diameter : 1250mm
Max Roller Weight : 600kg
Wire Feed Speed : 0.2 to 4m/min
Wire Diameter : 2.4mm - 5.0mm
Hopper Capacity : 10kg


HEM GR/185

The machine is designed to rebuild track shoes of all models. It is of very robust and rigid construction and is designed to weld the lug/bar on to the grouser, without removing it from the track chain.

HEMS Grouser Rebuilder includes cutting station, welding station left, welding station right, submerged arc welding power source, flux recovery unit, hydraulic system and electric system.

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HEMS TW/L Track Chain Winder is used for winding and un-winding tracks. It is generally placed in line with the Roller Conveyor for winding the track after assembly or for spreading the track on the Roller Conveyor for disassembly of the track. It is of extremely robust design, suitable for large size track chains.

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Torque: 8500 Nm
Spindle RPM: 2
Floor to Spindle Height: 1600 mm
Max. Weight Allowed on Spindle: 6000 kg
Machine Weight: 1550 kg
Machine Dimensions - Length: 2600 mm
Height: 1900 mm
Depth: 1250 mm
Power: 3.75 kW