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The most compact, portable press in the world!!

HEMS super compact 30ton press is a lightweight, portable solution to removing track pins and bushes in a safe manor, leaving no harm to the equipment or user. Our 30ton press is an original HEMS…

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Outdated workshop

Abandon outdated workshop methods!

Would your company suggest use of outdated medicinal methods? Would they suggest eating outdated food? Suggest travelling on an old, outdated plane? Of course not! Why? Because of the sheer risk and…

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torque wrench

Can you afford to routinely waste money?

Regular inspection and monitoring of Undercarriage parts will allow the user to plan and control the routine maintenance of deteriorating parts. This allows for…

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Undercarriage Repair

Think before throwing out YOUR valuable parts!

The undercarriage of machines deplete because the inside of the track link, idler and rollers wear against each other, IE only 50percent of links get worn, by having a track press you are able to…

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Save time, do more

One of the main benefits across many of our tooling range is the saving of non-productive labour hours. Axing these from your schedule would allow you to take on more work and increase productivity…

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HEMS specialised projects

Disassemble Track Chains the Smart Way!

Removing track pins can be achieved with a sledgehammer, but are you aware of the dangers associated?: Damage to the pin and other undercarriage parts Damage to the person(s) in the workshop Damage…

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hydraulic cylinder repair

Repair Hydraulic Cylinders at a rate you would not believe

Cylinder Repair can be easy, with use of the correct equipment. HEMS offers Tuxco branded Cylinder Repair benches which will allow you to complete a full service of cylinders with the work of only 1…

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Engine stand

HEMS HM-ES Engine Stand range

HEMS Rotating Engine Stand offers unrivalled flexibility to engine repair. The invaluable option to look at an engine from any angle without swinging it from a crane would be a great addition to any…

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Pin Pusher Product image

IN STOCK: HEMS 100ton Pin Pusher

HEMS has 100ton Master Pin Pushers IN STOCK NOW. The most popular model of our commended Portable Track Press range is currently in stock and ready to ship. Order yours today and stop outsourcing…

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bench with customer, delivered to Denmark

Cylinder Repair bench to Denmark!

Another cylinder repair stand going to a valued customer in Denmark!! Are you outsourcing your cylinder repair? Are you using dangerous old methods? Here's your solution!!

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