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Cylinder Repair

HEMS offer the most comprehensive range of hydraulic cylinder repair stands available in the market today. All HEMS repair stands come complete with the accessories required to begin repairing cylinders immediately. Aided with a trained technician, the largest of cylinders can be fully disassembled, repaired and reassembled in under an hour.

Every business is individual and requires specific needs. Some workshops service cylinders infrequently while others make it their primary business. Instead of acquiring a product and forcing it to fit your business - HEMS understand that different workshops require different models, with unique features that are suited to the client.

With a broad range of choice from advanced models with high productivity features or lower-priced manual models, HEMS have products to suitable for all businesses. HEMS extensive, long term experience within the industry inspires confidence of the quality of their premium cylinder product range. HEMS cylinder repair equipment has higher integrity repairs, are safer and increase profit.
Paired with exceptional product support, HEMS will help build customer loyalty in business for years to come.

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Latest News

HEMS Ltd is proud to announce it is now able to offer global service and support to all its valued customers.

HEMS Ltd is able to offer without a doubt the best Hydraulic Cylinder Repair solution and equipment throughout the world.

View the details and specifications of our hydraulic cylinder servicers.

  • Cost effective cylinder repair with a quick return on investment

  • HEMS benches offer higher integrity repairs, which means overall less repairing and higher quality, longer-lasting cylinders.

  • Repairing hydraulic cylinders using HEMS benches is safer than using other methods.

  • With the help of a trained technician, repairs can be carried out in less than an hour

  • HEMS offer both automatic and manual benches and provide for all types of businesses.